Greenacres elects new mayor, keeps councilwoman

Joel Flores is Greenacres’ new mayor.

GREENACRES — The city has a new mayor for the first time in 29 years.

Joel Flores, the membership director for the Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce and political novice, beat Jonathan Pearce, a city councilman since 2010.

Sam Ferreri, who has been the city’s mayor since 1988 and who supported Flores, didn’t seek a 15th term because he said he was unhappy with the direction of the council.

Flores, 35, received 55 percent of the vote out of a total of 1,657 cast.

In the District V race, incumbent Paula Bousquet, 68, fended off challengers Michael Albert, 36 and Bill Kluth, a 73-year-old retired Greenacres police officer.

Bousquet, a councilwoman since 2011, received 52 percent of the vote out of 1,64 cast. Albert and Kluth received 20 percent and 28 percent, respectively.

Election 2016: Reminder — Florida is a closed primary state!

Dozens of would-be voters who are not registered as a Democrat or Republican have realized today that Florida is a closed-primary state and they cannot vote, says PBC Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher.

Florida law requires voters to be party affiliated at least 29 days in advance of a primary. That was by Feb. 16, Bucher said.

“We have dozens and they’re really mad. Traditionally they haven’t voted in primaries,” Bucher said.

Election 2016: Things moving smoothly at Wellington’s Village Hall

Dozens of campaign signs greeted voters at Wellington’s Village Hall Tuesday morning, but inside the polling place, everything was moving quickly.

A poll worker said there were no lines among the more than 90 people that voted by 11:15. Four people coming out of the polls all said it was fast.

“It was pretty smooth, easy,” said Mallika Samarasinghe, a first time Wellington voter who recently moved to the village from Erie, Pa.

Samarasinghe said she came out specifically for the presidential primary, but she votes in every election.

Another voter, Ray Shaw, went as far to say his experience at the polls was perfect. He said he’s never had trouble in Village Hall.